Leogreen - Adjustable Welding Helmet, Reactive Solar Powered Welding Helmet, Lightning pattern, Material: Plastic (PP, PE), Dark state: DIN9-13

EAN : 3701035601145

This lightweight welding helmet is solar powered plus replaceable lithium battery. You can use this helmet on grinding, welding and cutting. The side knob allows you to adjust sensitivity. The lens is auto darkening and responds quickly to electric arc from TIG, MIG, MMA or Plasma applications. The large viewing area allows you to see clearly what you are working on while being well protected from sparks. The helmet is designed to allow you head to breathe while you are welding whilst also maintaining maximum safety.

Product Features:

Material: Plastic (PP, PE), PCB, LCD
Battery type: Lithium 3V
Power: 660 MWh
Standard/Certification: EN175, EN379
Light shade number: DIN4
Dark state: DIN9-13
Viewing area: 3.7 x 1.46 inch
Filter cassette size: 110 x 90 x 8.5 mm
Response time: 1/25000S
Recovery time: 0.2-1.0s inside stepless adjustment
Shade control: Outside control button
Sensitivity control: Inside stepless adjustment
Number of arc sensors: 2
Power supply: Solar cells
UV/IR protection: Up to shade DIN 16}
Carton weight: 1.77lb(s)
Carton size: 12.8*9.65*9.45inch(es)

Your package contains:
- Auto Darkening Welding Helmet x1