Leogreen - Electric Hand Mixer, Eggbeater, Red, 200W, Material: ABS plastic

EAN : 3701035601633

Never exhaust yourself whisking, stirring or blending again with this outstanding quality hand blender you can scramble eggs, whisk batter, mix smoothies, make soups or sauces all at just the touch of a button. With extremely durable parts, and easy disassembly for washing this is the perfect option for those people who don’t have the space for a full blender unit, but want all of the convenience that it provides. The blender can operate at different speeds depending on the food type, making this an ideal and flexible choice for the kitchen.

Product Features:

Material: ABS plastic, Stainless steel
Power: 200 W
Accessories: (1x) Set of metal beaters (1x) Set of dough hooks
Standard/Certification: CE, ROHS, GS
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Carton weight: 1.64lb(s)
Carton size: 7.49*5.91*3.15inch(es)

Your package contains:
- Compact Hand Whisk x1