Leogreen - Suspension Trainer , Sling Trainer, Blue, with strap, Material: High tenacity polyester, Extension strap length: 37.4 inch

EAN : 3701035600698

The suspension trainer is designed to be portable, whether you are at home or outdoors. It can be hung easily wherever you are. This suspension trainer comes with a handy door anchor for inside use as well as tools for permanent anchoring. Suspension straps are standard cross fit sized, so you too can exercise in no time! Easy to assemble and use.

Product Features:

Material: High tenacity polyester, TPR, ABS plastic
Maximum load: 882 lbs
Suspension strap size: Adjustable 102~145 inch
Ribbon width: 1.18 inch
Door anchor length: 11.8 inch
Extension strap length: 37.4 inch
Accessories: (1x) Wrench
Carton weight: 2.54lb(s)
Carton size: 9.06*8.27*2.76inch(es)

Your package contains:
- Fitness Gear x1